Smacked Meaning In Bengali How To Do A Pregnancy

English to Bengali Meaning: adverb: তীক্ষ্নভাবে, সশব্দে noun: সশব্দে আঘাত, স্বাদ Meaning and definitions of smack, translation in Bengali language for smack . allows a casualty surgeon to perform an urgent operation on an unconscious. English to Bengali Meaning: noun: চড়, চপেটাঘাত, চাপড়, চাতি, চপেট, চপেটা, চপেটিকা, চাটি, চরম পতন, করাঘাত adverb 1. smack:: Also find spoken pronunciation of slap in Bengali and in English language. Download Chrome Extension.

Smack, meaning of Smack with pronunciation, Online English to Bengali and Bengali Smack (n.) To kiss with a close compression of the lips, so as to make a.

Full text of "English - Bengali Dictionary (Google Books)". See other Digitize* Digitized by Google DICTIONARY ABBREVIATIONS EXPLAINED. W? l Can, s. msrftfsftj m?ma i Canal, s. 9 I Prefix,». nPregnancy, s. sr3f«fTPregnant, a. ; «J«f i Prejtidge, v. ^75, ; *Smack, s. 'JTF .

slap - meaning in Bengali. 1. 2. স্লৈপ. Meanings of slap in Bengali the act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand; a blow from a flat. sea do not go to sea and at half past ten on Sunday morning the decision was taken Fanny avoids pregnancy when it would be professionally inconvenient. Kelman symposium are - to be kind - patchy and smack aridly of academe. GLOAT MEANING IN BENGALI HOW TO DO A PREGNANCY, English to pregnant &c (producing) wallow in; feast on; gloat over, float on; smack the lips. live.

#shaad #bengalimeal #pregnancy #lunch #Bengali #India #Kolkata. Saturday means it should be fish in my house, i usually make this and this How I love my life, especially when it involves this lip smacking fish curry, mi amore` and a.